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current line-up:
Marie - vocals
Botte - guitar, background vocals
Tomboy - guitar
Mars - drums
Dave - bass
Blackpack play Punk.
Sometimes melancholy slowly flowing...
Then again fast and punchy with powerful vocals, energetic drums and piercing guitar melodies.
Exactly this mixture makes Blackpack what it is and special.
Band history:
Even if not musically, the existence of Blackpack somehow is based on the Berlin Hardcore-Punk band Tourette Attack.
In the end of 2014 Dave entered Tourette Attack to replace the missing bass player who left the band due to personal reasons.
In this band context Dave has just started learning to play bass. He did not play any other instrument before as well.
Due to various reasons Tourette Attack played their last concert in May 2015. Approximately in the end of 2015 it was decided to put the band on hold.
Dave who has just warmed up with bass playing wanted to go on and started to search people for a new project.
In Chris he found an experienced Punk-Drummer who played in various bands (e.g. Glassplitter) though, but has had a 7-monthly break and wanted to beginn playing drums once again.
It took only a few weeks until Botte who also played in various bands (e.g. The Bates) joined the so far noname project.
When the guys became attuned to one another first songs arose and they agreed on the band name Blackpack.
After that a long agonizing search for a singer followed. It was not until late summer 2016 singer Gerry joined the band.
Being sure to go on in this cast a 2nd guitarist was searched.
At lightning speed guitarist P was found. P also had long-standing band experience and was a huge enrichment.
After the band felt ready for stage the first concerts were organized. Unortunalety drummer Chris left us 1 week before the first concerts.
Luckily Mars, the ex Tourette Attack drummer, did not think very long about it and jumped in hence the concerts had not to be cancelled.
In only 3 rehearsals(!) he learned our set and successfully rocked our debut gigs with us!
Mars then remained solid drummer at Blackpack.
However, unfortunlety singer Gerry wanted to go new ways from here because Punk music was not his personal favourite and he saw himself in other areas.
Luckily this time the search for a new singer was ended sooner.
Marie who hadn't got any band experience until now convinced us all from the first rehearsal on and is our frontwoman since November 2017.
With Mars and Marie the sound of the band developed further and got varied. It got faster and dirtier...
Unfortunalety P did not agree with this development and left the band in february 2018.
Again, the replacement was not long in coming.
Since March 2018 Tomboy is playing the second guitar and brought fresh wind into the band.